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 this is Halloween
 Posted: Oct 26 2015, 05:30 AM

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NAME Tsukio Kumi
AGE 15
HEIGHT 5'0"/152 cm
WEIGHT 110lbs/50kg

RESIDENCE House boat, somewhere around Tokyo


It takes a special kind of idiotperson to work with Tsukio - aside from her... Impulsive compulsions and frenzied stubbornness, Tsukio just kind of sucks at social interaction. She participates in it, of course, but it's seldom she's even interested in the opinion of others - it's The Tsukio Way, or no way. Her favourite mean of hobnobbing is to coldly stare at people while dissecting exactly what kind of idiot they are. Honest people tend to dislike her tendency to make shit up, dishonest people tend to dislike bluntness. But on the sunny side, she’s very punctual.

Things have a tendency to "just happen" around her too, like that she "just happened" to need hospital care after trying to snort alfredo or "just happened" to "dispose of evidence" by flooding a basement. Chaos follows her, whenever she intends it too our not. Actually, usually in the form of a carefully laid plan involving no foresight what so ever blowing up in her face.

Transcendence or trash. If nothing else, girlie knows how to prioritise. Tsukio is terrible at multitasking - she choses a project, and persuades it with her life on the line. When she gets into something, sleep hygiene and everything between will have to take a backseat. She's obsessive and paranoid and her confidence about whatever she's doing tends to go like fireworks - straight up, then explode into nothing, which is usually where the project falls apart and Tsukio mopes around for a few days, has a few days of "normal life" in which she stacks up on groceries and talks to people again, before finding something else to lose herself too.

Stormriding, for her, isn't a passion or a hobby or even a lifestyle - it's a mean to unwind, or more commonly, to get what she wants, which usually involves breaking into buildings, stealing or hacking. She's evolved into an A-grade hacker and security system expert, skills completely wasted on someone with someone with such an extreme inability to pay attention to whatever's going on around her.

Not to mention, she' pretty much wikipedia in human form, if the search function on wikipedia was disabled and utterly replaced by the "random article" one. Tsukio reads a lot. Listens to a lot. Watches way too many movies. Probably more children's movies than she probably should too, although she would zealously deny it. And then she tries to apply this useless knowledge to her daily life, usually with some kind of experimenting involved. The results are mixed.

Oh and she's still a communist anarchist that fully intends to overthrow the government by brute force and possibly fuzzy robot toys.


It's an tenacious, expressive face she has, and it's taken a conscious effort to keep it as deadpan as she tries to. But she does smile, recently more often - it's a toothy, maniacal grimace that suits her face ill but her personality well.

Tsukio could count the times she'd been called cute on her fingers, and almost all times had been by her grandmother. While still managing to never stand out from a crowd, she's an unconventional-looking girl. Her face still hasn't lost its baby fat, and her lips are puffy, close above a nose that looks almost foreign, long and narrow. She looks tired, most of the time. Is that age where sleep isn't really that much of a concern. Or food, for that matter - Tsukio hardly resemble an athlete, a steady diet of coffee and ramen hasn't exactly let her gain any muscle mass. Her eyes are dark and hard and vehement - half a year ago, she wouldn’t meet anyone’s gaze. Now she stares them down with a scaring intensity for someone 5'0".

Scrawny and short, the only muscles she does actually have would be very chewy, should you insist to eat them. Skin is dry, too that kind of pale that speaks of basements and computer screens rather than beauty. Her fashion sense hasn't changed much through all of her teenage years, perhaps gotten a bit more practical, but from laziness and lack of social contact rather than a change of mind. She likes frills and fancy hats and dresses , umbrellas and occasionally wigs, but a lot of the time it’s just her, in her underwear, in front of her computer, with unbrushed hair.


Before she was a tuner, she was a rider, but before she was a rider, she was Tsukio Kumi. Let’s take it from the top.

It’s kinda cliché to start from the birth, but bear with me - Tsukio was born over a month before she was due. It’s hard to tell if her interest for the odd and morbid started as a foetus, or if it started because she happened to be born on the All-Hallows Eve. In either case, she was a quiet, odd-looking girl with average grades and no friends that didn’t have fur.

After 12 years of this, she’d discover the internet, leading her to come upon forums of dead bodies, how to cheat on tests, and most importantly, politics. Tsukio quickly grew into quiet, odd-looking teenager with slightly-above-average grades and no friends that didn’t have fur. Only now she got obsessive on top of that. The society was wrong, capitalism was evil, and Tsukio, Tsukio would fix it.

But how could a then thirteen-year-old do anything?

The answer didn’t appear in front of her until she turned 15. In the form of wheeled shoes. She started out as a rider, like all the cool kids, but quickly and repeatedly got the shit beaten out of her. Which didn’t stop her from riding, no, not at all, but her poor, beaten down ATs needed constant maintenance, and the idea of needing someone else to ride was less than appealing to her. So she looked up some online tutorials, made some makeshift maintenance and carried on her merry way. Then had another race half-underwater and again, her ATs needed maintenance, she fixed them up a bit, carried on again. And again. She came to look forward taking care of her AT’s, starting picking them apart for kicks and giggles. And of course, improving them. Replacing parts. Tightening the brakes a little extra. Replacing the cushioning system. Replacing some plastic parts with leather.

It wasn’t before someone asked her to do theirs as well that she realised that fuck me, I’m a tuner.

But there was no time for that. Tsukio joined a team, got hospitalised for the like, third time, her grades dropped beyond saving, and naturally her parents told her to quit her dangerous hobby. And naturally Tsukio opposed them and went on to live on with a bunch of guys in their 20's. Rode for them, with them. Was for once in her life, pretty darn happy. Life was good. Then that one team turned out to be a fucking metaphor for heterosexuality police force and Tsukio quit, and ended up homeless, depressed and alone. Great.

She had no urge to ride competitively for money, then she might run into her former team, and honestly, she wasn't good enough to support herself doing it anyway. So instead, she turned to her other hobby - hacking.

With a speed she wasn’t able to accomplish in neither rider not tuning, hacking would be her greatest asset, and her mousy real life presence would be nothing against the threat she put up against governmental institutions online. That, in itself, of course didn’t get her any money, but it got her recognition, and with that, there’s always jobs to be found. She brought a houseboat to live in. Unregistered, of course, she had to move it every few days, around the many rivers of Tokyo. But perhaps it was the brief happiness of the team she’d once been in, but the AT world was calling to her, and she had to return. This time, as a tuner. It wasn’t that she’d completely stopped riding - she just didn’t have a reason to do it compatible anymore. And tuning - tuning was were she could truly be in control.

On the whole, Tsukio is wholly unfit for living alone, messy and disorganised and with no sense for budgeting. She’s also probably just as unfit to work with someone close enough to tune them. And prison would kill her within a week, which is where she’s obviously headed. But hey, she gets by.


AIR TREKS Standard issue, designed to appeal to 15 year olds that can't see the problem in riding with heels.
user posted image

Liar Liar
A heightened sense of being able to read other people, a life of scheming and deceiving, great observation skills and a base course in body language gives Tsukio a greatly improved chance at telling when someone is lying or not telling the whole truth. Not seeing the person face-to-face, voice distortion or an extremely skilled liar decreases the chances of this working.

Maker Maker Generator
As an upgrade of her old skillset of a general good understanding of code, cables and electrical circuits, Tsukio can build generators of different kinds, and add those to her AT designs. She can not, however, do what would be considered road-making generating, creating fire or lightning. At Wright-level, they're fairly feeble.

Thunder and lightning, very very frightening!
Along the generator-making abilities, light-based ones are her specialty, and Tsukio can use them to integrate flashes, static temporary holograms and weak static shocks into her designs.
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